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Flourishing Faith: It's ok to not be "OK."

Hey I know you've been getting fueled by the word of God and maybe have come to a point on the journey where you are weary or tired. I want to tell you today that it's okay to not be ok, Even if you believe in Jesus Christ. Spiritual warfare is real and the real battle is understanding that even with every detail included in the bible and having the freedom to come to God with our concerns, we can still feel defeated or like a failure.

It's ok to be saved and find yourself feeling depressed, or not up to part. You are not alone, in fact according to there are over 40 million American's deal with depression and anxiety that roughly about 40 million Americans and counting and out that 40 million at least 7 millions of those affected are Christian's.

Here are a few practical ways to overcome depressive feelings

1) Acknowledge how you feel.. Stop telling yourself "I'm ok, God will fix it." Yes God can fix anything but maybe He is leading you to speak to someone to navigate with how you feel.

2) Seek professional help or Godly counsel from loved ones:

I recommend starting with a close loved one and letting them know what you have been battling with they may offer up sound advice that may lead you into the path of healing. If not there are thousands of online advisors who offer free trials to speak to licensed specialist that can assist you in becoming better.

3) Take some time for yourself:

You may to say no and take some time off work or any prior engagements, go for a long drive and change the scenery, journal, treat yourself to something that brings you joy, take yourself to practice slowing down.

4) Pray:

Christ gave us the freedom and resources to come to Him boldly casting our cares on Him and also to make our prayers and supplications known unto Him. Pray and wait on God.

Remember you are never alone in how you feel with what you are going through. Start today with a renewed mind and practice loving yourself by taking time to address the inner you and purge yourself of anything that does not subscribe to the will of God.

Even your thoughts!

Until Next Time,

Flourish !

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