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Flourishing Faith: It may hurt but keep moving and trust God

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

When I started living for Christ last year with conviction I just knew I was off to a good start! I was excited! I met other believers and I was told that my zeal had inspired them to live righteously. I was also in the process of moving into a new chapter in life. I was newly single, getting ready to move and I was starting school! During this transition I was met with betrayal, heartbreak and LIES. I tried to move on without resentment and bitterness but in the back of my mind I wondered "Why?" more specifically "Why me?" I tried to stay busy and keep seeking God but deep down I was tired and disappointed. God seen how hard I had been trying to walk blameless in His sight. I was loving my enemies even though they were slandering me and making light my season in life. "God you seen it? Why did you not stop it? Where was my help? You said the righteous cry out and you deliver them! I was screaming out to you!" I was humiliated and embarrassed and I felt like God was letting the devil have a field day with me.

I'm thankful God blessed me with understanding sisters in the body of Christ who were there to mourn with me. But I realized after I got done crying and complaining that I still had to GET UP AND WALK. My story didn't begin with this issue and my story was not going to end with this issue. I had to understand that God was allowing my heart to be broken to see that ALL I HAVE IS HIM and ALL I NEED IS HIM.

Once I wiped my face I was able to see the bigger picture. Even in the pain my zeal never left and it was impacting so many people to get back in their bible and start trusting God. One woman told me "Sis you inspired me to read the entire book of Proverbs!" I had a guy tell me "You inspired me to want to get back in line with the word and study." That gave me joy even though I was heartbroken and felt forsaken by an experience I realized God was using this chapter of my story to get glory even the not so pretty moments. When we accept Christ as our LORD and Savior we give up our understanding & God in turn gives us more and better. I believe My prayers will be answered about my future but until then. I'm moving to the rhythm of the Will of God and trusting Him. Today I want to encourage you to do the same Trust God.

Until Next Time Flourish

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